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OCTES (Opportunities for Communities Through Energy Storage) is a Northern Periphery Programme funded project, which took place between 2011- 2013. During the project lifetime, OCTES developed a service to make the uptake of locally generated renewable energy a practical and financially viable choice for householders. This was achieved through the innovative use of smart meters.

In order to manage RES and create financially viable options, OCTES saw it necessary to convince the householder of the financial benefits of RES. There is great potential for the development and uptake of Renewable Energy Solutions (RES) in the Northern Periphery owing to the abundance of natural energy generating resources. Despite this, many RES are seen as unreliable and expensive energy options due to the high capital cost of technology and installation, a constant variation in generation and the high costs associated with energy storage.

Advisory services exist in all regions of the Northern Periphery of Europe, to assist and advise householders in converting from traditional energy generation to RES. Through innovative usage of smart meters, OCTES added a new dimesion to existing advisory services, helping householders to uptake locally generated renewable energy and reduce their energy bills. The project legacy exists as topical consumer guides and an online tool.


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